Learning Expedition Bangalore

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A tremendous source of inspiration and renewal

Program objectives

The learning expedition develops participants’ international skills by exploring the cultural and managerial environments of a country that is taking a prominent position in the 21st century’s global economy.

Prerequisites / Admission requirements

English proficiency demonstrated by the TOEIC.

This program is part of :

  • Learning Expedition Bangalore
    • Discovering International Labor Office
    • International Labor Office: nation membership, standards, rules
    • International social relations, European collective work relationships
    • Company / Academy visits
  • Perfectly suited for high performing executives, it enables participants to experience new environments that provide rich learning in business and human dynamics.
  • It sequences academic lectures and companies’ visits where our participants discover new cultures, philosophies and practices by directly exchanging with operational managers.
  • Conducting benchmarks of business models and innovative management styles enables participants to identify best-practices and incorporate them into their HR business practices through the use of a strategic organizational analysis methodology.

Program assets

  • Thematic conferences led by international professors from the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) - ranked top 5 best Indian business schools and local business leadership consultants.
  • An intense week discovering the Indian business ecosystem from start-ups to multinationals, the Indian culture in both urban and rural environments, and a learning experience grounded in human encounters with Indian CEOs, Managers and HR teams.
  • Each company visit is collectively debriefed using a strategic assessment model.
  • The group debrief/work is shared with the visited companies teams to produce two-way learning and mutual value-add.


Duration :

7 days

Registration fee :

3 000,00 € excluding VAT (no tax for individuals), excluding travel and accomodation

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