Leading Change and Strategic HR Management

Program objectives

  • Understanding how to lead an organizational change process and organizational transition
  • Providing insight to the different types of communication involved in a change process
  • Confronting the participants on the impact of good leadership and management in a change process
  • Leading international mergers and acquisitions
  • Managing strategically human resources
  • Managing human resources globally
  • Managing high potential leaders
  • Managing core competences
  • Developing a human governance

Participants' profile

HR Manager or Director - HR Business Partner - Experienced Manager

Prerequisites / Admission requirements

  • High potential manager with 5 years of professional experience in HR or management in an international copany
  • A valid Master degree (Bac + 5) or equivalent
  • Good English

This program is part of :

  • 1st day: Leading change and transformation
    • Managing change in organizations
    • Having the right balance between an ability to manage down and up
    • Having the skill to use communication, motivation and participation
    • Mobilizing and leading a group of people in a certain direction
    • Having the team building and political skills to build coalitions and supports to achieve a result
    • Managing change in a social environment

    During this session the role of top management in the transformation process will be particularly emphasized

  • 2nd day: Leading transitions
    • The necessity of managing the transition (which is a human, psychological and social process)
    • How to make the change (which is more often organizational, external and situational) work and succeed
    • How to successfully lead a change project: participants will be encouraged to review their own experience as project leaders, a particular attention will be put on the people dimension of change
  • 3rd day: Leading international mergers
    • How to lead the transformation of a company when it is acquired by a global organization
    • How to redefine its vision, how to mobilize people
    • How to manage the transition from a French company to a major unit of a global corporation
    • How to define a human resource strategy facilitating the transformation

    Here again the major focus will be put on the people dimension and the necessary change of culture

  • 4th day: Managing Human Resources globally
    • A variety of key trends in the international business environment: accelerating population mobility, intensifying market competition, and rapid growth in emerging economies have spurred many companies to consider potential opportunities and challenges associated with becoming global business players
    • Managing HR strategic plans
    • Managing core competences
  • 5th day: Managing high potential leaders; creating a leadership pipeline
    • Identifying talented managers who may become executives leaders (one of the key concerns of top management in global companies)
    • Addressing the identification of this group, the development processes used in advanced companies
    • Reviewing the role and functioning of corporate universities through best practices examples
    • Sustainable leadership; the point of view of a top manager
  • 6th day: The dynamics of HRM
    • HR Management maturity; the different stakeholders, the maturity scale from the personnel administration to personnel management, human resources management, talents management, strategic management and HR governance
    • Auditing the HR function; AuditoR'H: A powerful tool to assess where the company stands presently, where it should evolve and how to get to an HR strategic management

  • Plan de formation

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    Dans le cadre d'un financement personnel, nous vous consentons une réduction de 20 % sur le montant de la formation.

    Partenariat Société Générale

    Grâce au partenariat que nous avons développé avec la Société Générale, vous pouvez bénéficier d'un "prêt études" à taux très préférentiel (remboursement différé après la formation, remboursement par anticipation sans frais etc.  ). Pour une simulation sans engagement, contactez-nous.

    Sachez enfin que vous disposez de la possibilité de déduire l'investissement formation de votre revenu fiscal (frais réels).

  • You will join the group of participants of the Executive MBA (accredited by AMBA) attending the 2 years part time program organized by IAE if Aix-en-Provence, IGS, ENSAM and Telecom management.
  • The seminar uses a mix of cases, discussions, exercises.
  • With an experienced faculty who had extensive experience in leading HR departments of large multi national companies.
  • Training: 6 days (Monday to Friday) from 8.30 AM to approximately 18.30 PM.

Program assets

  • An opportunity to update your competences in change management and in strategic HR Management
  • An opportunity to meet high level candidates and develop your professional network


Faculty is composed of international experts and professionals

Yves Réale

Professor, HR Strategy and Leadership Development

Robert Weisz

Senior Professor, IAE Aix-en-Provence, expert in Emotional Intelligence and Change

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Duration :

6 days

Registration fee :

4 900,00 € TTC

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