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This unique program in Europe embraces new HR roles within global organizations. It enables professionals to successfully drive HR projects in a complex environment and make them key leaders of transformation. 100% courses in English.

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390 hours



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Registration Fees

21 167,00 € excluding VAT
Excluding travel and accomodation
Administrative fee : 120,00 € excluding VAT


  • Identify and analyze key international HR challenges and solutions
  • Experience HR and challenge practices through a consultant posture
  • Provide insight and understanding of world-class international HR practices
  • Share tools and concepts that enhance collective and individual meaning
  • Develop personal leadership navigating the paradoxes of today's HR role


This unique program in Europe embraces new HR roles within global organizations. It enables professionals to
successfully drive HR projects in a complex environment and make them key leaders of transformation.


  • 5 years working experience
  • A university master's degree
  • English proficiency demonstrated by the TOEIC
  • Letters of recommendation

Admission Process

  • Application form
  • Individual interview to confirm applicant's profile and project


Business complexity & HR strategy

HR as a strategic positioner

  • Business HR challenges 2020
  • Balancing exploitation and exploration
  • Developing innovative HR competences
  • New HR models

Purposeful leadership

HR as credible activist, HR leadership

  • You as a leader
  • Leadership research and trends
  • Leadership and culture

Stakeholder and compliance management

HR as a compliance manager

  • Creating value and stakeholder
  • Social risk management
  • Design meaningful work

Change & cultural transformation

HR as a culture and change champion

  • Succeeding change projects
  • Changing the HR function
  • Cultural transformation
  • HR role in M/A

Talent management strategy

HR as a human capital curator

  • Talent strategic impact
  • Developing leaders : leadership model, leader position
  • Talent and rewards
  • Driving strategic competencies : workforce planning
  • Knowledge management
  • Corporate universities : roles and organisation

Talent management operations

HR as a human capital curator (2)

  • Sourcing, attracting
  • Developing talent, succession plan
  • Talent diversity
  • Driving individual performance
  • Designing appropriate Compensation & Benefits
  • International mobility

HR data, technology & innovation

HR as an analytic designer, interpreter and a media integrator

  • HR digitalization : from rear-view metrics to predictive analytics
  • HR information systems
  • HR data protection
  • Social media, learning systems
  • Data : gets the right data, interpret business data
  • Innovation process

International HR benchmark learning expedition

HR as an intercultural navigator

  • Diversity of management and HR philosophies
  • The impact of cultures on global business
  • Cross fertilization between business models, sectors and cultures
  • Understanding our cultural filters through firsthand experience

HR consultant as navigating paradoxes

HR as a paradox navigator

  • Strategic issues & operational details
  • Internal focus on employers and external focus on customers and investors
  • Gathering information and making timely decisions
  • Need for change and stability
  • Managing global-centralized, local-decentralized sharing


  • Duration : 45 days / 390 hours
  • Language : courses will be offered in English by international experts

Financing your program

  • Financement personnel / Co-financement
  • Plan de développement des compétences
  • Compte Personnel de Formation (CPF)
  • CPF Transition professionnelle
  • Pro-A reconversion ou promotion par l'alternance

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Eric Bachellereau, IHRM 2019 sponsor

Eric Bachellereau

Group Senior Vice-President Human Resources, ALTRAN, Program Sponsor

Yves Réale

Yves Réale

Professor, HR Strategy and Leadership Development

Richard J. Major

Richard J. Major

Professor, Global HR, Strategy, Leadership and Transformation

Lionel Prud'homme

Lionel Prud'homme

Director at IGS-RH Paris, Director HR Studies, Professor, Strategic Talent Management

Kristin Sax Jansen

Kristin Sax Jansen

Certified coach, trainer and professional opera singer, specialized in Corporate Communication advice for senior executives and management teams

Executive HR MBA

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