Business complexity and HR strategy

HR as a strategic positioner
Business complexity and HR strategy - Temps partiel

You can create your own IHRM curriculum that specifically suits your needs and interests. 3 IGS certificates to develop an expertise immediately applicable on-the-job.

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3,5 days


Next sessions

From 12 October 2020 to 16 October 2020


Registration Fees

2 800,00 € excluding VAT
Certification : 800,00 € excluding VAT

Program objectives

  • Become an HR strategic positionner : position HR management at a strategic level, contributing to business strategy and creating value for all stakeholders

Participants' profile

International DRH - HRBP - Corporate HR - International HR high potential...

Prerequisites / Admission requirements

  • 5 years working experience
  • English proficiency


Business HR challenges 2020

  • The new VUCA world
  • Balancing exploitation and exploration model
  • Globalization 3.0

Developing innovative HR competences

  • Sustainable performance and human resource management

New HR model

  • Introduce Ulrich Model

Business challenges and HR strategies

  • Strategic HR vision, policies, organization
  • AuditoR'H : diagnostic strategic choices, organization and competences


  • Duration : 3,5 days
  • Language : courses will be offered in English by international experts

Financing your program

  • Personal Financing / Co-financing
  • Company financing 
  • Mon compte formation (CPF)
  • CPF Transition professionnelle

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Business Complexity & HR Strategy

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