Executive MBA International Human Resources Management

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The Executive MBA in Human Resources

Program objectives

  • Provide insight and understanding of world-class international HR practices
  • Identify and analyze key international HR challenges and solutions
  • Enhance participants' competences in global, distributed and complex environments
  • Develop participants' specific HR expertise relevant to current and future global issues
  • Provide theoretical and real-life illustrations to drive HR team transitions and manage change successfully
  • Share tools and concepts that enhance collective and individual meaning in organizations

Participants' profile

This unique program in Europe embraces new HR roles within global organizations. It enables professionals to successfully drive HR projects in a complex environment and makes them key leaders of trasnformation.

Prerequisites / Admission requirements

  • At least 5 years working experience
  • A university master's degree
  • English proficiency demonstrated by the TOEIC
  • 2 letters of recommendation

Admission Process

  • Application form
  • Individual interview to confirm applicant's profile, applicant's career plan, professional and personal availability

  • Aligning strategic HR with business
    • Introduction to the program, team building event
    • Managing in a strained, global environment: the dynamics of our economy today
    • Linking business and HR strategies: strategic human resource management
    • Emotional intelligence: ComProfiles interpersonal communication
  • Leadership, HR and leading change
    • Leadership and management: lead yourself
    • Driving change and sustainable transformation
    • Transforming HR: HR as a business partner, manager or player
    • Sustainable leadership: a CEO shares his vision of managing human potential
  • Managing social relations - Geneva International Labor Office learning expedition
    • Discovering International Labor Office
    • International Labor Office: nation membership, standards, rules
    • International social relations, European collective work relationships
  • Managing across cultures
    • Cross-cultural relationship management
    • Business Consulting Project methodology
  • Fostering and developing global talent
    • Talent management: isues, strategies and development models
    • Strategic management process, workforce planning
    • Developing high potentials, succession plans, corporate universities
  • Creating sustainable performance
    • Performance management and indicators (KPI's)
    • International compensation and benefits policies, mergers & acquisitions, impact
    • Global HRIS, metrics management and cockpit
  • Organizing, integrating and transforming HR
    • Organizational development - Transformation human resources development
    • International partnership and mobility management
    • Internal communication, social networks and HR marketing
  • Advancing corporate social responsibility
    • CSR issues, risks, standards, opportunities: a strategic, global approach
    • Managing stakeholders. CSR reporting, GRI materiality. SRI extra-financial rating
    • Role of HR in advancing CSR internally and externally
    • human capital challenge game
  • Benchmarking international best practices - Bangalore learning expedition
    • Company visits: analysis of international business and HR strategies
    • Intercultural and diversity management: discovering the indian culture and history
    • Operating a multinational branch in India
    • Indian human resources development
  • AuditoR'H and Women in transformation
    • Introduction AuditoR'H
    • Report AuditoR'H analysis - strategy
    • Collective review of AuditoR'H
    • Women in transformation
  • Integrating and celebrating IHRM class
    • Presentation skills and Business Consulting Project defense practice
    • Business Consulting Project defense before an academic and professional jury
    • Wrap-up and year-end evaluation
    • Celebration and IHRM alumni networking conferences

  • Financing your program

    If you are currently working (full-time and contract), you can benefit from various funding (CIF, CPF, HTT, Période de professionnalisation).

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  • Duration: 45 days
  • Rythm: 11 months
  • Location: courses will take place at IGS university headquarters (1, rue Jacques Bingen - 75017 Paris), in Bangalore and Geneva
  • Language: courses will be offered in English by international experts
  • Double-Recognition
    • The IGS Executive HR MBA Postgraduate Degree in International Human Resources Management
    • The Professional Master's II Degree in "Directing and Managing Human Resources"

Program assets

  • Training on the most advanced human resources management practices in international businesses
  • Double recognition: IGS Executive HR MBA postgraduate degree in International Human Resources Management and professional master's II in "Directing and Managing Human Resources"
  • Analysis of global HR strategies with international partners
  • Real-world HR improvment through a structured HR business consulting project, with IGS mentors
  • IGS' global network of international HR executives and partners and partners


Faculty is composed of international experts and professionals

Marie Vézy

Global HR Community Vice-President, Schneider-Electric, Program Partner

Lionel Prud'homme

Director HR Studies and Director Research, Groupe IGS, expert in Talent, Organizations and Strategy

Richard J. Major

Professor, Groupe IGS, expert in HR Strategy, Leadership and Change

Carolina Serrano

Professor, IAE Aix-en-Provence, expert in Leadership

Yves Réale

Professor, Groupe IGS, expert in HR Strategy and Leadership Development

Bruno Carlier

Associate Professor, IGS University, expert in Compensation & Benefits


Duration :

45 days

Registration fee :

20 400,00 € excluding VAT

For individuals : contact us

Excluding travel and accomodations

Administrative fee : 120,00 €

CPF Codes

Employees : 11502
Job seekers : 11502

Next sessions :

  • from 12 February 2018
    to 25 January 2019

Ceremony and Testimonies